Tonga to New Zealand Passage – Day 3

Date: Saturday, November 3rd 2018 Time: 23:00 UTC (12pm local) Location: 22° 00.822′ S, 179° 20.099 ‘ W COG: 230°T SOG: 4.5 kts Distance to New Zealand: 867 nm 24 hr. Distance covered: 92 nm
Today has been a bumpy ride on the South Pacific roller coaster. It’s probably more reminiscent of a washing machine. We had swells from many different directions but the dominate one is slightly SSW at about 3 meters. The period (distance from peak to peak) is about 10 seconds so it’s not as nasty as the 6-8 second Sea of Cortez steep waves but not as gentle and rolling as the 15 second North Pacific off the coast of California. The winds have fluctuated from 20-25 knots which is a lot and tiring when you’re going into it.
Due to the seastate we’ve spent most of our time in the last 24 hours either down below or cowering under the dodger. Isa typically starts the day with her math or reading under the dodger while Adelaide is at the table down below. Once school is completed (typically after lunch) they jump into a movie. We’ve been eating dinner early and the girls are often reading in bed by nightfall. This is nice as Annie can get to bed early and I can focus on weather and the plan for tomorrow.
Last night before sunset we were blessed to see a sperm whale breaching off our starboard side. It angled over and passed right in front of us. It was amazing and as though it was checking us out as well, it resembled a mini submarine moving along the surface. We’ve been communicating with some other cruisers each afternoon on the SSB radio nets. They are trickling out of Minerva Reef (100nm South of us)bound for NZ between tomorrow and Wednesday. These are mostly friends we met in Mexico but some are people that we’ve met along the way. It’s nice as it helps to remind you that there are others out here in this vast ocean. That’s it for today, back to watch.
Cameron and the Banyaneers


  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Love you guys sooooo much! Wondering if a school project could be the girls working on their winter wishlists? They could submit those directly to Auntie Kim 🙂 haha! Can’t wait to see you all! Colin and I are in Ohio this weekend visiting his dad, yesterday would have been his mom’s 66th birthday!! It’s slightly chilly (okay it’s really cold) bring those layers!!!

  2. Marianne McGriff says:

    I might like a peek at those winter wish lists, myself We had a lovely visit with Kim and your Mom a couple of days ago. I can hardly wait to see ALL of you stateside. We met a wonderful couple on our last Normandy Trip who own a racehorse. They invited us to the track last night. It was reminiscent of my childhood with my Greek immingrant grandfather who was quite fortunate at the track. I won every race I bet on last night-8 in a row!!!!! Love to ALL, Marianne

  3. Barbara says:

    Winter wish lists to Us too! Santa is busy in the North Pole, he has lots of good children on his list. Great to have Colin, Kim visiting in the Midwest!! Thank you so much for your daily news!

  4. Libbey McKendry says:

    Nana and Poppi need to know, too. The washing machine sea action sounds challenging. You are in our prayers! Love Nana

  5. sandy and dick ednie says:

    Cameron and Anne, we speak of your days at sea like reading a very descriptive book.
    We imagine your churning boat, and the calm facade of tension held on a leash.
    Your goal of New Zealand is like a Graduate Degree…Obtainable but not without steady focus.
    Thanks for dragging us along with you. How we loved our own days of sailing, and now are so glad to feel your adventure in
    your ‘following sea’.
    We saw a seal off Puako this weekend. It seemingly had a large octopus in its mouth. The tentacles hung like walrus tusks
    till below the water line.
    No wonder sea monsters have been conjured out of real sightings in wrong interpretations.
    May your spouting whale will stay in your memories forever! We hope to see ours in Hawaii soon.

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