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We left the San Francisco Bay in May of 2015 and are heading south and west on our 43 ft sailboat.  We take lots of side trips for work or play.  Our very loose plan involves sailing all the way around the world.  We hope this blog helps you to join in on our journey and hopefully it will inspire a few adventures of your own…

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  • Our “FAQ” post is a great place to start if you want to know more about our planned journey.
  • See “The Plan” post if you are curious about where we are off to – ignore the dates.
  • If you want to know how this all came about, you can check out the history… Part I, II and III 
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  • Want to start from the beginning?  See the “Older Posts by Month” drop-down menu to the right.  I’ve been blogging about our adventure since 2014 and you can begin at the beginning if you wish!


  • My most recent post on what we do for homeschooling is here, you will find lots of references and links to my favorite resources and materials as well as websites. Our girls were 8 and 10 when I wrote this post. As part of an interview more recently, we answered lots of questions about schooling here as well.  I plan to continue doing updates on our schooling process.  An older schooling post is here about our first year homeschooling… the hardest year for most, I think.


  • Can you hear me now?  To learn about what we use to connect to the outside world while we are underway, you can learn about that here.  For Mexico specifically, here is what workes for us.  Make sure you get your sat phone and SIM card BEFORE you leave for Mexico… just a tip.

    Safety and Healthcare

  • While traveling, health and life safety are very important to us.  We have learned a ton in our last few years of traveling, but our first post on this topic is here.  More will come on this topic as it is very important to us and we are constantly learning what works best for our family while on the road.  A post about the things that we did to our boat before we left which had a lot to do with safety is here.


  • Living with less is a big topic for most cruising and full-time travel families.  It is a topic that really resonates with land lovers too and I have had lots of feedback that this post and this post really resonate for some.

    The Canadian Adventure

  • If you are wondering why you see posts from us that include an RV, the cold Canadian tundra, as well as winemaking stuff, here is the post that helps put most of that into place.


  • If you are wondering how we do food aboard, I have this post and this post about the all-important human fule and how that all works on a boat and while traveling.

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