Tonga to New Zealand Passage – Day 6

Date: Tuesday, November 6th 2018 Time: 23:00 UTC (12pm local) Location: 26° 31′ S, 178° 07′ E COG: 197°T SOG: 4.0 kts Distance to the New Zealand: 605 nm 24 hr. Distance covered: 108 nm We made it through the high where the wind was extremely light and now we are quietly sailing along in nice seas and 8 – 10 knots from the south east. There are huge 3+ meter swells, but they are 12 – 15 seconds apart and we hardly notice them. The weather is cooling off more and everyone is digging for their long pants and hats. The girls are busy designing a board for a board game while Cameron and I are puttering around, answering email, baking bread and tuning the sails. All is well on board, not much else to report… no food on the floor yet today!

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