Tonga to New Zealand Passage – Day 8

Date: Thursday, November 8th 2018 Time: 23:00 UTC (12pm local) Location: 29° 33′ S, 176° 35′ E COG:194 °T SOG: 4.7 kts Distance to the New Zealand: 376 nm 24 hr. Distance covered: 120 nm
In answer to Jennie Cunningham’s question a few days ago I asked everyone individually what it was that they missed most about life on land.
Cameron misses the fact that your home on land can’t sink and, barring any natural disasters, is where you left it when you come home. Adelaide also misses having a house that doesn’t move, but more for the reason that it is just so much easier to live on a surface that is not constantly leaning to one side and then the other. I suspect that this is because the boat has had a good heel today and she is annoyed with it as she has been on dish duty, the most challenging activity under a good heel. She also misses book stores. I miss bathtubs, clothes and dish washers and hot water flowing out of the tap. Isa’s answer was the most noble. It took her no time to tell me that the thing she misses most are her friends and also staying someplace long enough to really get to know it.
Isa really hit the nail on the head and stated the most important thing that we lack while cruising. We make lots of wonderful friends along the way, but the friends and family from home are treasures and we feel so blessed that we will be able to see so many of them very soon! It’s tough to compare because we do make friends out here that will be lifelong friends. You learn a lot about them very quickly because your time together is often focused with few other distractions. It will be fun to develop those friendships as well and watch how the evolve over the years.
Banyan clear


  1. Sharon S says:

    Hi Guys! I’m just catching up on your posts from the last week. It’s nice to hear your thoughts!

    Adelaide – The next time Monica starts complaining about doing the dishes, I’m going to remind her how lucky she is that she’s not in a boat that’s leaning to one side. 😉

    Isa – Myka misses you and thinks of you often. This past week, she and a friend in school dyed the bottom few inches of their hair some crazy colors. Myka’s is a bright blue/teal, and her friend’s is purple. One of the first things she said was, “I wish Isa could see this”. I’ll get a picture and be sure to send it to your mom. And, YES, it washes out (but I suspect it will look a bit green for a few weeks first).

    Anne – I’d have a hard time with missing those same things, no doubt…. plus a bunch more! As we approach Thanksgiving, I’ve thought about some making some pies – I wonder if mine could ever compare to your amazing pie masterpieces?! I might give it a go…. but something tells me that I’ll always prefer one made by you.

    Much love to you all!

  2. Marianne McGriff says:

    Thank you, Jennie, Cunningham, for asking such an insightful and thought-provoking question! Adelaide, you and I share a LOVE of bookstores. I, actually, have an article from the NYTImes a couple of years ago on « Bookstores Around the World. ». We’ll visit a couple of bookstores while you’re in IN. Isa, your response warmed my heart. Family and Friends are our treasure and as the Bible says, ‘beyond measure.’ Anne and Cameron, what a gift you are giving your children by taking time as a family to DO LIFE Together. There’s an old French Proverb that says: « Gratitude is the Heart’s Memory. ». I LOVE ALL of you and am SO excited to have you here soon. Marianne

  3. Joanie Schumann says:

    I love reading your blog. It’s like a great fun book that I can’t wait to pick
    up and turn to the next page.
    Safe sailing

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