French Polynesia to Suwarrow Passage – Day 2

Date: Wednesday, September 26th 2018 Time: 17:00 UTC Location: 15* 40.8640 S, 155* 38.0181 W COG 286 T SOG: 5.0 kts Distance to the Suwarrow: 461 nm 24hr Distance covered: 119 nm
The seas have settled and the winds are light. Banyan is still moving despite the sails flogging a bit more than we would like. It makes for easy sailing and moving around the boat is no problem. Reports on the nets seem to concur, this is a very nice little weather window. We are not screaming to our destination, but we are moving and the sea state is what I would call very tolerable.
The girls are in good spirits and have staved off any seasickness. We were gifted a ton of baked goods from SV Alondra before we left so we are knee deep in sticky buns and pioneer muffins. I pre made a bunch of meals so we haven’t had to worry too much about cooking aside from the desire to use up our fresh produce before it goes off. Since the weather has been pleasant, I haven’t even dipped into the freezer yet.
It’s pretty lazy days as we ease into the passage. The girls do a bit of school, tons of reading, listen to books on tape and draw while Cameron and I read, answer emails, keep the boat moving, inspect for any issues and keep everyone fed. The full moon and fairly clear skies have made for bright and dry night watches which are always a blessing.
That’s all for today. Wishing everyone their own versions of fair winds and following seas. This is SV Banyan signing off.


  1. Barbara Vawter says:

    Dear ones, Always love your posts and appreciate you keeping up with us. May the winds always be with you as you journey along. Praying for a safe passage.

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