It’s All For Sale

For Sale - My Whole LifeFor Sale – My Whole Life

Starting a new life requires quite a purging in the old life…  This is true for many many kids of life changes.  In our case, it’s very tangible.  There is some literal purging that is required in order to squash our lives (currently taking up 1,500 square feet plus a garage) into a 43″ boat.  Most other boat blogs describe this time in their lives as fairly traumatic and taking much more time and energy than anticipated…  I shudder with the antithesis of anticipation.

When we share our plans, one of the first questions that people ask is: Are you going to have a storage unit?  This leads me to believe that, as a culture, we are all thinking about our stuff.  Stuff Stuff Stuff!  Plus, people are very interested in the logistics of our plan… it seems so impossible!

The answer is yes, we will have a small storage unit, although I do think we will regret it.  Family furniture, artwork and a few things that I just can’t wrap my head around either letting go of, or replacing in future will remain with us, or at least in some burning hot metal box in the outskirts of the bay area.   But seriously, we have a huge amount of stuff!!  Even after my parents agree to “look after” our wine cellar there are gobs of tools, kitchen implements, nuts and bolts (literally), extension cords, table saws, clothes, lamps, beds and … all that stuff that comes together to make up our land lives.

A few nights ago I began to scratch the surface and put a few things up on craigslist.  It might be the fact that we live in the northern reaches of the Napa Valley, it might be that I’m terrible at describing and marketing my stuff and, it might be that I’ve over priced certain items, or… it’s just the nature of the thing, but I have had only a few responses and those have been sad to say the least.  So, think of us if you are looking for a Chinese cabinet, a shabby chic armor or an antique lamp and I’m sure I can accommodate you.

More on the mundane lives of the adventerous to come.