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LAND HO! Day 22 Pacific Passage

Date: Friday, May 4th 2018 Time: 21:32 UTC Location: 09° 48.4′ S 139° 01.9 W Anchor down, Atuona bay 24 hour distance traveled: 109 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 0 nm We have arrived! Now your inboxes can take a break from our incessant posts: It’s time for us to explore the islands. Last night …

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Closing Down the National Parks

Our plan when we left our boat in Mexico was to slowly meander north, hitting as many National Parks as we could. We made it to a few in the beginning, but work and play pulled us in other directions until early September. With a budding Paleontologist on board, the promise of fossils pulled us …

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The Family Adventure Summit

So, back in May, on a hard-to-get-to beach in Mexico, we met the coolest couple, the Duvals.  They have lived in their off roading van (a very tricked out Sportsmobile) with their two small children for the last three years.  I spied them on the beach one morning.  I whipped out the binoculars, saw kids …

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