Heading Out

We have just dropped the mooring and are headed out into the Tasman Bay. The weather window to head south is not perfect, but the best we might get for several weeks. The reason it’s not perfect is because it looks a bit light (which really isn’t a bad thing when heading south). Wish us luck and send up a prayer!
Cheers All!


  1. Phil Burton says:

    It’s so much fun to follow your travels. Stay safe and keep having a wonderful time. Growing up with the family sloop moored nearby, I always dreamed of sailing off to points unknown so your posts are extra fascinating.

  2. Marianne McGriff says:

    Anne and Cameron,
    Praying for your safe passage to South Island…YES, when you get time, I’d LOVE to have Isa’s music video. I did ‘google’ images of Milford Sound and I just might have to make a trip to New Zealand…you guys are an amazing inspiration and we love you ALL, Marianne

  3. Barbara says:

    Cameron, Anne, Adelaide, Isa,
    Prayers and much Love are with you as you travel South. Wow, 3 posts & lovely photos in one week, well done. Thank you so much for keeping in touch with friends and family. God Bless Each of You!

  4. Stephanie West says:

    Safe Travels! Love your posts. What a life! On my boat, I sail with fear, and I am impressed by your fearlessness! Stay safe and happy trails!

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