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Winter in Marlborough

With the VISA under our belt, it feels a bit easier to plan ahead, and with a full year to look forward to we are ready to make some decisions. We've completed our circumnavigation of the South Island (YAY), and we've sailed around most of the North Island (just that pesky southeastern coast to tackle), so we aren't feeling the pull to explore new places. We've decided to settle in and take advantage of some of the things that landlubbers take for granted.

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Oamaru, Oamaru, Oamaru

We have spent the last two weeks enjoying numerous meals and excellent conversation. Dagmar, Chris's wife, has pulled out all the stops; we've had many meals with other locals and are starting to feel part of the town. The girls have played loads of games and even went for a swim in the harbor (brrrr - tremendous peer pressure from Kiwi kids was involved). We've also had fun hunting ducks and rabbits.

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