July ’19 in One Moment a Day

We were off the grid for most of July.  The girls had their first backpacking trip for 5 days in the Trinity Alps with our dear friends the Parrys.  We all loved it and the girls attacked each day’s hike with great attitudes and spirit.  We did 20 miles!  It was a perfect pace for me and afforded the girls (the Vawter AND Parry girls) lots of time to play in the afternoons.

Not too long after coming home from backpacking, we headed to the Sierra and camped at our family’s cabins.  It is a very special place for us and being there is a little like being home.

In between hiking and camping we did a little house sitting for the Parrys, saw lots of my Grandmother and managed to find some time to hang out around horses at Blossom Creek Farm, our old digs.


Our time in the woods inspired lots of art and song!  The song in the video is one I wrote while with my sister Karen who is always writing, playing and signing.  I wish I had had her with me to sing harmony when I recorded it.  Below is a little watercolor I did while the kids all played in the meadow during our backpacking trip.




  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    Good morning, Anne
    Oh, I LOVED your time off the grid! Your music BLESSED me first thing this morning! You and Karen are SO gifted as sisters to share a love of the arts. I’m looking forward to some Christmas carols around the tree in December. Love to all of you, Marianne

  2. Marianne McGriff says:

    Thank you for sharing. I imagine that it did bring tears. In Normandy, Anne, Karen and the girls sang the sone for Oma’s 100th Birthday. What a special time as a family…love and Blessings,

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