June ’19 in One Moment a Day

In June we traveled through Normandy and took part in the D Day celebrations.  On our way back to Paris we spent a few days in Giverny to check out Monet’s garden with my sister and her family.  Then, we took ourselves to Italy!  We started in Rome then took the train to Florence and on to Venice.  On our way home, we had a LONG layover in Zürich which provided us time to pop into the city and have lunch. June was full of educational experiences for all of us and it has given us lots to think about for years to come.



  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    Hi, Anne, Cameron, Adelaide and Isa
    Thank you for those wonderful ‘moments’! We LOVED sharing Normandy with all of you. I, especially, enjoyed Karen, Daniel and Jolie!
    I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Love to ALL,

  2. Barbara Vawter says:

    This is my favorite video, speaks volumes for Patriotism, family, nature activities & tourism. I love the US, French National anthems as background music. Thank you for showing the honor, pride and thankfulness during The 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy. May we always remember the veterans who fought in WW II.

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