Stewart Island Photos

Approaching Stewart Island from the west
Rounding South Cape on a perfect day
Broad Bay – this is where the sea lion incident happened
Broad Bay, Stewart Island
Viking chess with SV Images In
bon fire at the beach
Isa and her haul of blue cod – happy fisher woman
The bounty of Stewart Island.
Caption Contest? A red pool on our way up Bald Cone
View of Bald Cone, Port Pegasus
Peak of Bald Cone, looking north
View from Bald Cone, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island
View from Bald Cone, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island
View from Bald Cone down to the South Arm, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island
Pahutakawa – we followed the flowering from the furthest northern reaches of New Zealand in December to the furthest southern reaches March. Pretty cool, everywhere we went for four months, It was flowering. This had just finished.
Port Pegasus, South Arm
Port Pegasus, South Arm
Gog and Magog in the distance. We never found the trail head, but we had fun trying!
Smuggler’s Cove, North Arm, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island
Hike up the Tin Range Track, North Arm, Port Pegasus, Stewart Island
The last of the Pahutakawa flowers for the season at the top of the Tin Range track, some time in March
Walking along the tramway of the Tin Range Track, about where we spotted our kiwi!
It’s a bit shocking, I bought this lettuce around January 30th. This photo was taken on March 22nd… It survived really well. Almost too well.
Entering Port Adventure
Taking the family car off for a tramp in the bush and then some cockle hunting with our friends on Mintaka.
Isa showing off the biggest cockle while Cameron and I try to get the dinghy unstuck
We watched this sea lion mama for quite some time. The baby really wanted to come down and check us out, but she kept him contained.
cockle hunting, Port Adventure
Sailing up to Patterson Inlet
The BIG CITY! We hadn’t seen this many people since leaving Nelson on February 4th! This was taken on March 29th.
Dave Goodin helped me make my greenstone pendant at his workshop overlooking the harbor in Oban. He also gave us some venison! I had an amazing morning with him learning to shape stone.
Patterson Inlet, Stewart Island
Not something you want to see…
Fortunately the engine stayed attached! Cameron and A are rinsing it with fresh water immediately after righting it, and filling it with corrosion X
Easter Dinner. Lacking a little pomp here, but it was a fairly crazy day with the overturned dinghy to deal with. The venison from a deer shot on Stewart Island was delicious
An Albatross checking on the fisherman, always looking too cool for school.


  1. Becky Baker says:

    Oh what WONDERFUL pics!!! I’m viewing them on my computer (much better than my phone!).
    Miss you all and I’m always praying for you!

  2. Stephanie West says:

    Again loving your story! This adventure living seems so good for you – you all look so healthy and ageless! You could be a sister alongside your daughters! Of course, your main diet seems to be fresh food from the sea (things I wouldn’t want to eat), while mine is something factory made with sugar (chocolate lover, for sure). And I would like to know your secret with the lettuce! My lettuce barely lasts a week. Thanks for sharing your story. Inspiring.

  3. Karen says:

    wow such beautiful places all, and so much fun to see the foraging and hiking adventures and you even got a pic of the tipped dingy! can we see a close up of your greenstone pendant next time? I love that you got to learn how to shape stone!

  4. Ralph Myers says:

    What stunning pics of an incredible adventure. I’m enjoying each of your posts. They are about as close as I’ll get for some time, due to the pandemic!

    • Anne Vawter says:

      Great to hear from you, Dr. Myers! Hope you are well and we are glad you are enjoying our travels, even if you are not enjoying travels of your own. Hopefully, that will change soon. Much Love!

  5. Marianne McGriff says:

    Hi, Banyan Crew
    Your pics/adventures are SO amazing! It’s a highlight of my day…I’m with Karen—I wanted to see the pendant! The girls are growing SO fast. I’m afraid I won’t know them the next time our paths cross…sending much love and Blessings, Marianne

    • Anne Vawter says:

      You will know them:) They are just a bit taller now! You can just see the pendant in the photo I took with the artist, George. I’ll take another shot and share it:)

  6. Joanie Schumann says:

    I loved the wonderful photos. Had to laugh at the lettuce, can’t get mine to last a week…
    Safe sailing


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