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FAQ – How Are Things Really Going?

When I recently returned home I had lots of good questions pop up from friends and family.  How are the girls doing?  Are they tired of the boat?  The girls are doing remarkably well.  They meet new friends in each place we arrive so they aren’t too lonely for good friends back home.   They …

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When we share our plans with unsuspecting friends and family, we get a blank stare and furrowed brow for about 5 seconds, and then the questions start flowing.  They are all great questions and I decided to answer a few here in short form. Yup!  Homeschool… or boatschool.  No, I haven’t totally figured out the …

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Welcome to our boat blog! We left the San Francisco Bay in May of 2015 and are heading south and west on our 43 ft sailboat.  We take lots of side trips for work or play.  Our very loose plan involves sailing all the way around the world.  We hope this blog helps you to join …

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