August ’19 in One Moment a Day

This may be my favorite “One Moment a Day” video we’ve done. That is due to my sister Karen, her songwriting skills, and the joy we find in singing and harmonizing together. She wrote this very sweet song while we were up at 8,000 feet enjoying campfires, fishing and watching our children enjoy a place that we enjoyed when we were little like they are now. We found the time to sit back and be inspired by the beauty and joy of this place. Well, I may have been making sandwiches while practicing the harmonies, but it all whirls together into a magical end of summertime moment which I will probably look back on as the best times in our lives.

The month was filled with two trips to our favorite spot in the woods, the first with our dear family friends the Suhrs.  After a bit of time in Napa, we headed up again with my sister after which we made a whirlwind work trip to Aspen Colorado.  These days we are settling in for two whole months in just one place!  We are excited not to be moving and thrilled to be close to friends and family, if just for a little bit.


  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    Good morning Anne and Karen
    Thank you for sharing your music and time in the mountains with us. It was a wonderful way to start my day! I’ve listened to it twice already. I’ve LOVE to visit there someday. Camping and hiking are two of my favorite activities. What a Blessing you are to each other and your families…love and Blessings, Marianne

  2. Myka Suhr says:

    We had soooo Much fun with you guys in the Highlands!!!! Isa I love that pic of you on Indi!! And your pie of course. Hope to see you soon!!!
    Love, Myka

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