Bien Venidos!

The distinctive rocks of Cabo San Lucas
The distinctive rocks of Cabo San Lucas

We made it!  This is the view this morning.   We pulled into the anchorage in the harbor of Cabo San Lucas about 12pm last night.  I will be working up a full report as well as a short video of our adventure down the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula with the BajaHaHa over the next few days.   We had an amazing trip and have lots of great moments to share.

Now it’s off to clear into the country, re-provision, get some laundry done and generally settle in a bit after the voyage.  There are a few  social events with the HaHa that we will attend which should be fun as we have made some great friends.  I also have a bit of work to get through so I’m happy to find some WiFi!

We are expecting some northerly breezes over the weekend so we plan to stay snugged up in the harbor and “on the hook” (anchored) here in the harbor through the weekend.

Logged from below decks on SV Banyan in steamy MEXICO!



  1. Paul McKendry says:

    Nice run down the coast. Good timing, too! Check out my old email about my pal John Zimmerman and his wife Tammy. They have a cool place on the water where they wind surf and kite board.
    Could be a fun connection.
    Love you guy, Pablo

  2. Michele says:

    Hi Anne & Cameron,
    Great news to hear that you made it to Cabo safely. I was worried when I heard about Hurricane Patricia a few weeks back… I was hoping that you were not already on your way to Mexico. But I trust that Cameron studies the weather paterns well !!

    Love your blog Anne, I am enjoying hearing about your adventures!!
    Michele Herald

  3. Marianne McGRiff says:

    Anne and Cameron,
    Oh, I’m SO thankful to hear that you are there and all is well…looking forward to more details in your next post.
    love and hugs, Marianne

  4. Sue & Ed Fish says:

    Hello Anne & Cameron, Adelaide and Isa: We are loving your blog from your sailing adventure! Your photos are wonderful and so is your writing, Anne. Thanks for sharing! Love, Sue & Ed

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