The Countdown is ON!

It’s down to the wire!  In less than 5 days we will be upping anchor and heading south to Mexico in a big convoy of other boats called the Baja Ha Ha!  “FINALLY!” you say, and so do we!  I know some of you have been taking bets on whether or not we will ever leave the country (I know who you are ;).

The Crew! Kim joins us today and will help us get down the coast. Will be nice to have one more adult to share the night shifts with!
The Crew! Kim joins us today and will help us get down the coast. It will be nice to have one more adult to share the night shifts with!

The reason we have been hanging around Souther California is because of those pesky hurricanes that are active in Mexico during the summer.  They are supposed to be calming down and the weather is supposed to be all clear by this time of the year… but Mother Nature does not alway look at the calendar.  Plus, she gave birth to an El Nino this year so there’s that.

Needless to say we are not going anywhere unless we are feeling really good about the forecast.  But, all should be well.  The El Nino just makes things a bit less predictable, creates warmer water temps which in turn can create a more active breeding ground for hurricanes.  But, one of the reasons we joined the HaHa is to have access to all the weather guru’s who help advise the committee.  Groupthink can be an interesting thing though and Cameron and I are keeping our own counsel on our departure date no matter what the whole rally may do.  Cameron has been watching this forecast for about six weeks now to better understand the patterns

This is just the beginning of our provisioning runs. I'm going to miss TJ's :(
This is just the beginning of our provisioning runs. I’m going to miss TJ’s 🙁

We are closing in on that ongoing to-do list.  We have our importation license for the boat, we have our fishing licenses.  Cameron installed a brand new windlass motor and has finished reseating the life raft (among myriad other things).  There are only a few things that remain to be done and we are feeling really good about our ability to check them off the list before we go.  We even managed to get the girls to the dentist!

My helpers! The girls helping to get all that laundry done before the passage!
My helpers! The girls helping to get all that laundry done before the passage! (Yes, that streak in A’s hair it’s natural – she’s had it since she was a baby, I tell her it’s her fairy kiss).

In the mean time we are receiving boxes and boxes of last minute supplies from Amazon, home school resource centers and maritime suppliers (including a small but heavy replacement staysail) all arriving at the Minton’s house (my sister’s in-laws who happily live in San Diego!).  I’m not sure if they counted on being our mailing address while we were here, but we are very thankful for it!  They have gone above and beyond to make us feel at home in San Diego.


We are also finding other “Kid Boats”!  The southbound boats are pouring into the San Diego harbor by the day and we have been able to connect with some other boats that have kids on them.  This has been a complete joy for the girls and has been really fun for me as I am able to connect with other parents aboard.  I have really really enjoyed meeting Sara Wood and her family from S/V Riki Tiki Tavi hailing from Victoria BC… proving again that Canadians really are the most lovely people EVER.   (They make and sell the coolest boat bags….)

Part of the crew from S/V Riki Tiki Tavi having a ball on board.
Part of the crew from S/V Riki Tiki Tavi having a ball on board.

That’s it for now!  I’m typing my fingers to the bone getting the last few reports done for my clients and getting all my ducks in a row before we head offshore.

Happy Sails!


  1. Grant Bixby says:

    Bon voyage (or maybe buenos viajes?) on your Mex leg! Looking forward to traveling along with you via the blog.

    -The Bixbys (Grant, Heidi, Zoe & Kai)

  2. Barbara Vawter says:

    You are ALL amazing, Thank You dear Anne for an awesome update & beautiful photos! So many friends check out your updates, many prayers that all will be completed when it’s time to go! We knew you would be off soon, love & blessings, Barbara

  3. Kathy McLoughlin says:

    Dear Cameron and Anne,

    Erin’s parents here—-So glad we can follow your adventures. Thank goodness your departure date wasn’t before this crazy hurricane Patricia!! I’m still early in the blog—Anne, it’s fascinating! Bill & I wish you smooth sailing and a wonderful, beautiful journey full of fun, learning, and laughter. May God keep you all safe. Love Kathy & Bill McLoughlin

  4. Debi Vawter says:

    Thanks for the updates, Love your posts. We will be keeping you in our prayers as you gear up for your voyage and then continued prayers for your trip…
    You all look wonderful and so happy.
    Love and God bless,
    Aunt Debi

  5. s/v Nomi says:

    My kids and I arrived in SD today by car (Casey and my cousin are bringing the boat down this weekend). We’ll miss the HaHa because of our engine troubles but the kids and I will attend the Halloween party tomorrow. Hope to meet some kids there!
    -Linda, Morgan (10) and Maeve (7)

    • Anne Vawter says:

      Hi s/v Nomi,

      We for SURE will be at the costume party… and will be all dressed up! The girls are excited to meet you guys. I think the party is Sunday right? My kids will def be up for boat trick-or-treating 🙂

      Can’t wait to meet you!

  6. libbey McKendry says:

    Love the pictures! Want to see some in your Halloween costumes. Our prayers go with you and so glad you missed Patricia! Love you all

  7. Erin Bernhardt says:

    Bon voyage Vawters! Hope the wind is in your sail and sun in your beautiful faces! Our prayers and excitement are with you. Love to the girls. Send us more photos of your fishing success!

    Love, Erin

  8. toya huijon says:

    Hola Hermosa Familia! Less deseo un buen viaje a Mi Hermoso Mexico! Los Mexicanos decimos! Como Mexico no hay Dos! Dios los bendiga en su viaje!
    Big, big Xoxos to All! Los quiero mucho!

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