July to October in One Moment a Day

I finally found a few moments to put together videos of our last few months here in New Zealand. I combined August, September, and October into one so that it is long enough for Isa’s concert performance at Suzuki violin camp to accompany the video. July will follow with scenes from the wet winter in the Bay of Islands.

We have taken off south now to spend some time exploring the Hauraki Gulf, Great Barrier Island, and the Coromandel Peninsula. Some local friends, Sue and Andy, have taken us under their wing and are showing us all their favorite haunts. Enjoy watching our last few lovely months here in New Zealand!


  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    WOW…Isa, music was outstanding❤️ I think I’m adding New Zealand to my bucket list, thanks to your adventures! Sending much love Marianne

  2. Janis and Fred Blue says:

    Never, never, never tire of your pictures and interesting places you go, and the things you have to do to keep the boat in tip top shape. Always glad to see your smiling faces. Sean’s are coming back to the states in Nov, landing in Texas and on to Baton Rouge where MacKenzie lives. They’ll be quarantined there and then visit with her family. Sean will come up here for Christmas & see everyone (as the virus permits). It is getting worse since a lot of restrictions have been lifted. We stay mostly home except grocery shopping and other needed trips and are doing fine.
    We’ve had a nice fall and now winter is sneaking up on us.
    We try keeping up with the family on facebook and enjoy all news. Our Love and Best Wishes, A Janis & U Fred

  3. Deborah Darrin says:

    I so love your pics, stories and videos! I have so many fond memories of sailing there so many years ago! Love Bay of Islands. A sailors work is never done and New Zealand is a beautiful place to do it. So glad you got your visas extended! Looking forward to vicariously enjoying the continuation of your journey! Thank you so much for including us all!

  4. Libbey McKendry says:

    Great videos! You three ladies are getting to be the same height. It is hard to tell who us who running up the stairs!

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