November & December in One Moment a Day

To go with our most recent blog post you can check out our November 2020 One Moment a day Video.

And, for a peek into the upcoming post you can see our trip up the east coast of the North Island, around the tippy top, and down the west coast. We made landfall on the north coast of the South Island along the Abel Tasman National Park and Seashore right before Christmas and have been enjoying this very special part of the world since.


  1. Barbara Vawter says:

    Loving both of these segments and noting about all the scenes. Well done – Vawters on the Water!! Hugs from Indiana

  2. Myka S. says:

    Sending warm love and wishes from the Suhr fam in California! Isa, your violin sounds amazing, and Adelaide, your piano is great! I love seeing those videos and hearing your voices and seeing your faces. 🙂 I hope you guys had a great Christmas and New Year and really hope we can see you soon!! Love you and miss you all sooooo much!

  3. Laura & Dick, sv Maia says:

    Merry Christmas! So cool you are at Abel Tasman. Was hoping to go there, it looks like such a neat place. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy New Year!!!

  4. Marianne Z McGriff says:

    Anne and Cameron,
    Thank you for sharing Life with us back in IN…amazing videos—LOVE, LOVE, LOVE
    Adelaide and Isa, Your concerts were amazing.
    I’m sending a pkg. to address you gave me.
    Sending much love, Marianne

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