Podcast Interview with Benjamin Shaw of the ‘Out the Gate’ sailing podcast.


We were recently honored to be interviewed by Benjamin Shaw of Out the Gate Sailing.  Ben has a great podcast about sailing on the bay that we’ve listened to for a while.  He interviews all sorts of people who have connections to San Francisco Bay sailing.  We had a lovely sit down with him at the famous Dolphin Club right next to Aquatic Park in San Francisco.  It was pretty special for us because this is the place we weighed anchor for the last time before leaving SF bay in 2015!  You can give a listen to our conversation with Ben through PodBean or through Apple Podcasts. Or, you can listen directly from his website.

The Alma

We talk in the podcast about our plans for the rest of that day.  After our conversation with Ben, we walked down the Hyde St. Pier to hook up with our friends from SV Debonair.  We met this lovely family in 2015 in the Marquesas.  We couldn’t help noticing their beautiful boat sail into the anchorage in Atouna.  We called out to them, complimenting their boat.  Once on land we connected and realized that we had the Bay Area in common.  We sailed with them in the Marquesas and met them again in the Society Islands.   After French Polynesia, they sailed to Alaska via Hawaii!!!  They left their boat in Kodiak and are cruising in Alaska during the summers for the foreseeable future.

That day, we met up with them on the Alma, a historic boat owned by the National Park Service.  This vessel is unique to the Bay Area and has a fascinating history.  You can sign up to go out on the bay, help sail the boat all while learning some wonderful history.  Jason, the dad of the SV Debonair family was the captain on the Alma for years and was working that day.  We had a wonderful time bringing our families together again on the water.  Here are some photos from our time together.


If you get a chance to take advantage of this unique experience, we encourage it!  You can get tickets at the NPS website here.  Sadly the program which has enriched the lives of thousands of school children and community members for years is being mothballed fairly soon.

Adios California

We are wrapping up our LAST week in California before heading to Indiana so that we can spend Christmas with Cameron’s family.  We have LOVED our time here in California, but as the final week is here, we are so sad to realize how many wonderful people we weren’t able to connect with!  It has been a busy time with the harvest season, work and lots of focus on homeschool.  We are thankful for all the connections we’ve been able to make and the time to settle back into our community, if only for a short time.

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  1. Douglas Vawter says:

    Thanks. I’ve down loaded PodBean and will listen to your interview in the morning during a car trip I have planned. See you very soon!!

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