November ’19 in One Moment a Day

Back in November of 2018 when we were pulling into New Zealand after an amazing six months exploring Oceana, Cameron and I were called back to Canada to a client.  We didn’t know when that work would wrap up.  We also knew that we wanted to be in France for the D-Day celebrations with our dear friends.  Then, wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend time up in the sierra at our beloved Highland Lakes?  And, if we are there so close to the harvest season, shouldn’t I stay and work the wine harvest?

At that point, I figured Cameron would be itching to get back to the boat, so I graciously assumed that we would head back to New Zealand as soon as the last berry was pressed.  But Cameron, knowing me, would not countenance such a plan.  We would be leaving right before Thanksgiving and he knew that I would be in tears on that day if I was not with my family.  And if we are staying for Thanksgiving, why not head to Indiana for Christmas?

Such is the logic of our travel schedule.  I have wrapped up my harvest, but continue to work in the wine biz and on my brand Red Mare Wines while I’m here.  Cameron has taken over homeschooling the girls!  Happily, we have been able to get lots of things done that are more easily done when in one place for a few months.   Things like; dental appointments, medical exams, educational assistance planning for the girls and much more.  We have also been able to spend so many lovely hours with dear friends and family and we look forward to more to come through December.

Happy Holidays from the crew of Banyan!

And… full disclosure: Cameron is REALLY itching to get back to Banyan.  Flights to New Zealand are in our sights.


  1. Jan J says:

    We look forward to welcoming you back in NZ. Warning that the beaches will be crowded in January!! Pick less accessible places. 🙂

  2. Libbey says:

    It has been wonderful to have you close by and share Thanksgiving week with you and the rest of our family. I feel blessed!

  3. Barbara Vawter says:

    We sooo look forward to your arrival & Christmas in Indiana. Anne, Cameron it’s very special you’ve been back with friends and family & traveled many places. Isa your birthday party looked great & your cake yummy. God Bless each of you!

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