Taking the Leap

It is feast and famine around here!  Multiple posts in one day must mean that I’m catching up AND shoving off soon.

A fellow boat mother commented that the “vibe” in La Cruz is very different right now with all the puddle jumpers (as we are known) getting ready to take off. Much different than the celebratory time of the holidays. People are keeping their heads down and working through their lists, trying to get ready when the weather windows open up. The camaraderie is fabulous. We are making amazing friendships that will last a lifetime as we share in the journey of getting ready for this epic passage together. Information is passed from person to person readily, willingly and almost urgently.

How are you storing your squash? What are the papers I need to check out of the country? What navigation system are you using? What route are you going to take? Are you using an agent to check into French Polynesia? These and many many more questions and topics are talked over again and again on the docks.

Lately, my job has been filling the boat to its waterline with all sorts of food for the passage. We should probably have enough food for about 6 months! Since food is more expensive in French Polynesia, we hear it is important to stock up on things here in Mexico. The Women who Sail Facebook page has tons of great threads on what to bring when crossing. So we are taking that advice and, along with the stashed Trader Joes foods that we brought down on the last RV trip, I have probably 5 or 6 grocery carts full of just dried and canned foods that have made their way aboard. I’ve been making the rounds to all the stores here; Mega, La Comer, Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart. I’ve been EVERYWHERE and I feel like I’ve got EVERYTHING. I’ve been reading Lin Pardey’’s book, Care and Feeding of the Sailing Crew along with the fabulous blog The Boat Galley in my free time and picking up lots of good tips on long-term veggie storage, quick meal prep and other tips and tricks. I plan to try them all and then report on my favorite tips and tricks.

Cameron bagging our groceries. You know you are buying lots of groceries when the store manager comes over and asks you if you want another cart, assistance checking out, help to get a taxi and any other help you may need.

I spent Sunday making about 6 large meals for the passage, putting them in Ziplocks and freezing them. I have two variations on a bolognese sauce, a chicken and veg peanut dish, a mystery sausage and cabbage dish that I chucked a whole spice blend from Russia into (Thanks Mimi), and a chicken teriyaki dish.  I’’ve been making bread and granola. I have been meaning to make ginger ale and yogurt (but haven’t gotten around to it) and I am thinking that the likelihood of us gaining weight during this passage is quite high.

Ready and waiting for our fresh produce

Meanwhile, the girls are in heaven here in La Cruz. There are kids running the docks, constantly off on one adventure or another. It is a bit of a mixed blessing as there are always activities to attend and to stick around for. It makes it hard sometimes to just buckle down and get things done, but they are having a ball. To get a little space from the craziness we try to stay out in the anchorage, but projects have pulled us dockside again and so the girls are freewheeling and happily popping in and out of the boat and making great friendships. There are four other kid-boats who are with us. We seem to be the last of the Pacific passagemakers. We are bringing up the rear and we are thrilled to be crossing with so many good friends. SV Baloo, SV Carumba, SV Roamin, and SV Luminesce, are the kid-boats that are prepping to leave very soon or have very recently left.

We had a girl’s night out with all the Mom’s who are jumping. It was a meeting of the minds

The girls have been spending TONS of time exploring the world just under the docks, catching fish, crabs, and all sorts of creatures.

We have had a great time connecting with SV Luminesce. They are also Catholic! It feels miraculous as there are not many practicing Christians in the cruising world. We got to go through Holy Week together and have had so many wonderful conversations and experiences together. We have been sharing all of our resources as well. I was joking to Cameron that I knew exactly how many days our passage was going to take because Monica has lent me her book, 33 Days to Morning Glory. This number didn’’t totally thrill Cameron 🙂

We end up having to be Catholic in a bubble a lot. But thankfully, we have been able to spend time and grow together spiritually while we’ve been together. I can’t begin to describe what a blessing it has been for our family and for me personally to have connected with them.

The crews of Banyan and Luminesce

As I write this, all that remains is to pick up our laundry, buy a few more fresh provisions and then we will be on our way.  I’’m also trying to kick a cold before we leave so there is that, but I have no doubt that we will leave just when we are meant to leave.

Adelaide and Isa looking a little rough after getting up early to go check out of the country. The crew from SV Baloo looking like good and proper rabble also.


  1. Lizzy says:

    Miss you already!! Bon Voyage! Our prayers are with you for your joy and safety. Love, Lizzy and the Menke crew @sealevelbakery

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