Posting While Passaging

We hope to post while we are on our way but please don’t stress if you don’t see any messages from us.  Seriously, offshore communication can be finicky.  I’m sending this message to try and test the last glitch in the system. I hope to post regularly. Subscribe to the blog to have the posts pop into your inbox. Sorry, no photos while we are underway. I will post lots of photos via our Instagram account once we land.  I won’t be able to see or reply to comments made on the site or access the email from our blog account.  It will be lovely to see the comments when we reconnect to WiFi on the other side.  If you are wondering how we plan to stay connected you can check out a few posts I’ve done on the subject.

Caution, Cruisers Crossing

Communication, Can You Hear Me Now?

The Mexican Connection

Happy Sailing!


  1. Deborah Darrin says:

    Bon Voyage Vawters! You got this. An incredible journey! Nothing like a passage through the South Pacific. The Marquesas will welcome you with warm arms bearing fruit! ❤️

  2. Barbara Harkema says:

    Have a safe trip. Glad to see you are prepared and ready to go. The Dutch coast is still miles away but who knows when you will land here. Be safe and have a fantastic trip. Enjoy it!

  3. John Livingston says:

    Being prayerful people, Diane and I will keep you in our prayers for safe passage. While unlike your odyssey, we leave tomorrow on our bucket list trip to Machu Pichu and the Galapagos. Love reading about all the details of your getting prepared! Have a wonderful trip, John and Diane

  4. Sharon says:

    So exciting! We’ll be watching and waiting for updates! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Much love from Monica, Myka, Cora, Brad, Kodiak and I!!!

  5. Debi says:

    Safe travels and many prayers being said on your behalf! Love to each one of you and may God be with you protecting you along the way. Can’t wait to hear more and see your many adventures! Hugs Aunt Debi

  6. Michele H says:

    Bon Voyage….. Looking forward to seeing u in N.Z.
    Wishing you safe travels… and a wonderful adventure in the South Pacific.
    Michele xx

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