Waiting out the Wind

February 23, Precipice Cove, Bradshaw Sound (Part of the Doubtful Sound Complex)

With a little blow on the way, Cameron brought us up to Precipice Cove the day before yesterday. It was a very good call. It is well protected near the head of Bradshaw Sound behind Macdonell Island with a hawser line embedded into the rock with burly shackles that look like they should be part of some huge bridge construction. We managed to stern tie to the line twice as we decided after the first time that we wanted a bit more anchor chain out. Isa watched on as we fumbled with the Pythagorean theorem to figure out how far out we needed to drop the anchor-based on 60′ of water depth. We congratulated ourselves after the second go for not losing our tempers with each other as it wasn’t all smooth with the GPS having trouble getting a fix, and associated challenges in seeing just exactly where we wanted to drop the hook.

We rewarded ourselves with two gin and tonics and a fish. Cameron caught a little shark! This was exciting so the girls ran up and wanted to have a go. Adelaide caught another little shark. These both were about 18″ long. Hum… lots of little sharks in here. Maybe this is a shark nursery? With the hope of something eatable that was not an apex predator, we tossed in the line again. When Cameron brought up the next catch he and the girls let out whoops and hollers. I came running with the camera to take shots of what looked like a 6 ft shark. Holly Cow! We decided not to fish anymore. Later a fisherman came by and confirmed the proliferation of seven-gill sharks in this area and suggested that we not swim around here… noted!

The next day two more boats came in and tied on to the stern line while we spent all day catching up on schooling and waiting for the wind. But, none so far! Even through the night we were expecting to get blown about but just a light drizzle hit the decks. This morning we heard from another boat on the radio that they spent a very uncomfortable and windy night not too far away and that at the moment the sound next to us, Thompson Sound, was blowing 30 knots and the water was kicked up to a 4 ft chop. The forecast later today is for 50 knots, no fun! Here, it is glassy and calm with only intermittent drizzle. We still could get hit, but we are obviously quite sheltered and feeling blessed to have had good forecasts and knowledge about the options for shelter.

Today we will keep on with schooling, stay put, and wait for the wind to blow (if it ever does in here!). Cheers! Banyan Crew


  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    Good morning, Banyan Crew
    Those gin and tonics were well-deserved. What a story about gill sharks and wind…you are beginning my morning well…sending much love and Blessings,

  2. Scott Gerber says:

    Sharks!! Yikes!!! Who ever doesn’t listen to you goes swimming. As always — a great read!! Keep em coming! Still 6” of snow on the ground on Long Island – Spring can’t arrive soon enough. Your inspiration keeps us hoping for our launch! Best Scott⛵️

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