Location Update: Bahia Concepción

Since our last post, we have continued our trek northward.  From Isla Carmen, we stopped off briefly outside of Loreto for a provisioning run, then headed up to Isla Coronados.  The anchorage is huge, aqua blue with several white sand beaches.  It is the picture of paradise.  When we pulled in there, we knew we would be there for a while.  Our first day we skipped school to just BE on the beach and then have a snorkel in the afternoon.  The next day we were delinquent as well, deciding to take a 4 mile hike to the top of the extinct volcano.  This ended up being a fairly demanding hike over jagged lava rocks and scrambling up sandy slopes.  Despite leaving early, it was pretty warm.  While the girls were not enthusiastic, they did make it to the top!  When we made it back down they were well rewarded with a swim in the cool sea.

Isla Coronados
Group Shot with SV Baloo from the top of the volcano looking down over the anchorage where our boats wait for us.
Post hike reward

The days ticked by, peppered with school, spear fishing, exploring and a bit of work.  We enjoyed a reasonable cell signal coming out of Loreto which was handy.  The weather was extremely kind and each night we sat calmly on our anchor.  Our last day we had a very fun fish fry on the beach with Baloo, another “kidboat” using our very cool Cobb grill.  This was a gift from Cameron’s parents recommended by the folks off Totem.  It has turned out to be a major boon.  It is a charcoal grill (Cameron’s a bit of a grill snob and likes his natural coals) that you can set anywhere as it is insulated and has airflow underneath.  We can put it on deck anywhere or easily bring it to shore.  We have had a great time roasting marshmallows, making pizza and of course, grilling lots of freshly caught fish.

play play play!
Sunset BBQ
An earlier shot of the the Cobb grill sitting on deck and grilling some fish

We felt we must move on and see more places so we took the several hour sail north up to Caleta San Juanico.   We had quite a ball there.  With the cooler winds and deeper water, we didn’t spend as much time in the water, but there was lots to explore on land.  There is a little farm about a mile walk inland and we went there almost daily for vegetables, eggs, cheese and to play with the goats.  We even organized with them to take us on an equine adventure!  They had these gorgeous saddles sitting under the patio on a rail and I just had to ask.  Within 48 hours we were all mounted on mules for a 6+ hour trail ride through the desert, up over a small mountain and into a ravine where fresh water was still to be found.  The Mules were amazing and everyone had a fabulous and safe time.   We also met a very adventurous family who lives out of their extremely cool off-road camper van.  When we saw kids playing on the beach and a van tucked up under the brush on this secluded beach, we knew we had to go over and say hi.  Naturally, we got along like gangbusters and are planning to meet up with them in Idaho this summer.

We really admired this pristine little place. It was very intelligently done.
Adelaide found her calling


Because it has been almost two weeks since we last provisioned, it is time to head toward civilization.  Banyan is sitting pretty high in the water and the dried milk is almost gone.  One cannot function without milk in one’s morning tea!!   So as I finish this up we are sailing north with a lovely south wind pushing us along on our way up to the mouth of Bahia Concepción.  There is an anchorage just inside the entrance called Punta Santo Domingo.  From there it will be a short hop to Bahía Coyote where we can grab a ride to Mulegé.  It will be lovely to fill up the food lockers, have cell service again, get some laundry done and find a beach side restaurant for dinner.


  1. Phil Burton says:

    Wonderful to get your posts; keep ’em coming so I can travel vicariously with you. They’re fun to read and they get me outdoorsing more and more- next week is three days canoe camping on the Eel.

  2. Joyce Beery Miles says:

    Absolutely love your blog and posts. So adventurous and exciting for your girls. Can’t believe how your oldest looks like her Grandma Barbara. I grew up with Cameron’s Mom and Dad in rural North Manchester. My husband and I both went to Purdue. Has been fun to stay connected to your family through the blog process. We followed Kim on her PCT journey last year.

    • Anne Vawter says:

      Hi Joyce,
      Thanks for commenting! So fun to hear who is keeping tabs on us and their relationship to us. It keeps me writing to know that you are listening and enjoying. Isn’t Kim amazing! Adelaide may be following in her footsteps as she was very inspired. Much Love!

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