February in 1 Second a Day

Back Aboard!  In February we reunited with our home, SV Banyan.  We made a passage from Guaymas down to La Cruz, MX and are now marina bound until we get our outboard engine fixed.  The girls are very pleased with this scenario as they can hop on and off the boat meeting old friends and making new ones.


  1. Barbara Vawter says:

    Loving the sweet sound of beautiful music! Adelaide & Isa will be charming everyone along the way. Exciting to see Banyon lowered into the water, I’m sure Banyon likes having his family back home again! Happy Sailing Cameron, Anne, Adelaide & Isa! God Bless You.

  2. Marianne McGriff says:

    Thank you for the video, Vawters…LOVED seeing our dear friend, Barb, with the girls in Zionsville…many wonderful memories! Like Barb, I loved seeing the boat lowered int he water and ready for the journey ahead…praying for all of you and waiting for the next time we meet…love and Blessings, Marianne

  3. Bill Tolbert says:

    Love the video. Best wishes to you all. Here is a toast you all might find useful!

    There are tall ships
    and small ships
    and ships upon the sea
    but the best ship
    of all ships
    is the friendship
    between you and me! or”we and thee.”

  4. Jed, Sarah, Emilia, and Gwyneth says:

    Looks like an awesome adventure as always. We especially love the great promo shot for Mauna Kea Polo Club! let us know if you need any more schwag!

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