October in 1 Second a Day

Happy All Saints Day!

I hope you enjoy our 1 Second a Day video for October.  I’ve made a little adjustment so hopefully it is a bit easier to veiw than the video from September.




  1. Joyce Beery Miles says:

    Always love reading of your adventures. Thought of all of you and your friends during the devastating fires in Napa Valley. Looking forward to the next adventure.

  2. Doug Vawter says:

    Great. Well done. Look forward to some still pictures at Christmas of the new winery under construction so we can compare to what we saw one year ago during harvest!

  3. Bruce McKendry says:

    Super little “video peek” of life on the run with the C. & A. Vawters.
    Got your scene intervals just right….tho Pete Michaels will have to weigh in to be sure.
    Yur move, Pedro.

  4. Bruce McKendry says:

    Wonderful peek into your adventures! So glad to see Isa playing the violin and Adelaide sewing. Love the Halloween makeup. It looks so professional. Love you, Nana

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