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Late Departures and Casino Parking Lots – Living the #RVlifestyle

Just about a month ago, we were a bit eager to be on our way south.   With the dropping temps in Canada, things were getting a little chilly in the old RV.  Nothing on the RV had frozen yet, but it was only a matter of time.  So eager were we that we would …

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Closing Down the National Parks

Our plan when we left our boat in Mexico was to slowly meander north, hitting as many National Parks as we could. We made it to a few in the beginning, but work and play pulled us in other directions until early September. With a budding Paleontologist on board, the promise of fossils pulled us …

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The Great Pacific Friend and Family Tour Part I

Telling people that we live in an RV can sometimes leave the wrong impression. As we are on land now, land folks almost inevitably want to know where we live.  Usually, the question is followed by a long pause during which we all look at each other with curious smiles on our faces.  But that …

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