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The Great Pacific Friends and Family Tour Part II

So, remember how I said that Katie Walker (our RV) couldn’t off road?  Well…  everyone surprises you at times, don’t they? Late July found us in Yolo County, inspecting baby grape vines which we have on order for our Canadian project.  It was an educational stop for all of us with a tour of the …

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The Great Pacific Friend and Family Tour Part I

Telling people that we live in an RV can sometimes leave the wrong impression. As we are on land now, land folks almost inevitably want to know where we live.  Usually, the question is followed by a long pause during which we all look at each other with curious smiles on our faces.  But that …

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Terra Firma

It has been almost three months since we have been in Canada.  After living here on hard ground we ask ourselves… how is it going?  It has been quite the transition.  And most transitions are not without adversity.  The most challenging thing, apart from outfitting a completely empty house, starting completely new jobs, girls starting mid-school …

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