June in 1 Moment a Day

June began in Nuku Hiva with new friends and awesome hikes.  We traveled through our last stretch of the Marquesas to the island of Ua Pou and then had a longer than expected passage to the Tuamotus atoll of Kauehi and then on to Fakarava.

Videos are uploading to Youtube better than the blog, but if the quality isn’t great, try viewing them on our Youtube Channel, while you are there you can subscribe and maybe even give us a few thumbs up:)


  1. Deborah Darrin says:

    Such a lovely video! The choir awakens my heartstrings for these precious islands and their people. Your journey so far in Marquesas and Tuamotus reflects mine from so many years ago. Sail on sailors!

  2. Jim Pence says:

    Hi Anne,

    Truly amazing what the Vawter Family is experiencing! It was a pleasant surprise seeing you at OLPH three weeks ago. Wishing the best to you, Cameron, Adelaide and Isa!

  3. Michele Herald says:

    WOW… looks amazing!!! Love your 2 new videos with longer shots, and music! I am in here in the middle of winter… wishing I was somewhere tropical too… I have been watching the South Pacific islands weather on the TV news each night & thinking of you up there. Fiji has been having the nicest weather lately… make sure you check out the Yasawa Islands when you are there.. my favourite vacation spot. Great snorkelling in the marine reserves & you can swim/snorkel with the mantereys from May – October, as they swim/migrate between 2 of the islands.

    How much longer are you in French Polynesia?… and where to next?

    Wishing you safe travels & more great adventures!!!

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