Day 12 Pacific Crossing

Day 12 Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2018 Time: 17:00 UTC Location: 03° 45’N 123° 11′ W COG: 230° T SOG: 6.5 knots 24 hour distance traveled: 114 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 1271 nm
Cameron here as Annie’s still fast asleep (as she should be)! It’s funny because we work almost 100% off UTC or Zulu time out here so we haven’t bothered to change time zones. The sun is going down around 9:30 pm (on La Cruz MX local time) and coming up around 8:30am. It’s a little weird for me on the morning shift as I am on watch from 4:30 am until whenever the girls wake up. I love the sunrise shift but when the sun waits to rises until 8:30am, the anticipation is so great that it often under performs – unless there’s an amazing sunrise, which there was this morning with the sun rising behind a squall that I had just skirted. I had been waiting so long for it to come up and it just blew my mind!
“On this heading lie the Marquesas” as David Crosby said in his epic song, Southern Cross. That song has always brought tears to my eyes because I knew as a kid that at some stage in my life, I would live out (at least a portion of) that song. We don’t have “80′ of waterline” but it is “nice to be making waves.” “On a midnight watch I realized, why twice you ran away,” Annie did dump me at least once before marrying me but when I learned my dear mother in law had done the same to my father in law I was a little more at peace with this portion. Now that we are out of the ITCZ we are essentially pointing for the Marquesas. We’ve edited it a little to manage our crossing of the equator east of 128°W as that was recommended by some people ahead of us due to the wind and sea state as we get further south. It will allow us to take more of the waves on our aft quarter and stern vs. our beam which makes for a drier ride in our boat.
The girls are doing well; Adelaide made a pancake breakfast for us the last two days in row. Isa keeps us laughing with her joke book. On another funny note Isa just found a 4″ dead flying fish inside the boat! It must have flown through the hatch or an open port at some stage last night. We often find them on the deck, but this one made it to the base of the mast, inside the boat! That’s it for today, flying fish for lunch! Just kidding, we’re having pan-seared Skipjack Tuna with some pesto Gnocci! Que Rico! This is SV Banyan, signing off


  1. Myka Suhr says:

    Hey Isa!! I couldn’t believe that you found fish INSIDE the boat!! And can you believe that we are having Gnocchi for dinner too?? We are totally best friends forever.

  2. Karen says:

    Mmm sounds like you are eating well! Jolie wants to know what flying fish taste like. I love that song – I’ll think of you guys now when I hear it. much love!

  3. Barbara Vawter says:

    Cameron, I love your reference to the epic song, Southern Cross. I’m watching the David Crosby video repeatedly, visualizing Banyon steadily making her way to the Marquesas. Anne & you guiding her along. Your emotions must be surreal, hoping you can capture these moments forever. Sail On!

  4. Mari says:

    So awesome to follow your journey and great to hear from Cameron. I love that he calls you Annie! It’s the sweetest! Love to all you adventurers! You inspire all of us.

  5. Julie Spencer says:

    Hiya, I’m Julie! Although we haven’t met, yet, I feel like we’ve met. You see I’ve been following your travels, prep, inspiration, commitment, and enthusium for months now … thanks the the nudges and links from shared friends to follow you. So I guess you can say, we’re separated only by one degree, x 3!

    After Cameron’s mention of an early am watch inspired by DC’s Southern Cross and being moved to tears – also my favorite watch and song – I couldn’t remain silent any longer! So now this makes 1 new connection link to add to the: Stephanie Parry tribe, Craig and Courtney Becker tribe and and Diane and John Livingston! Small wonderful world, and we’re all routing for you!

    I’m a circumnavigator from the 90’s who loved every moment of my 40,000 mile, 6 years around. Your stories and passion to explore, and to show your girls a different version of life delights me and reminds me of what made me a stronger person. I’m even more grateful now that I’m 60 years young! Good on ya, mom and dad!

    Loving your stories … thanks for sharing a glimpse of what it like at sea with your friends and family. I always wondered what others experienced on the passages, especially with kidos. Keep your stories coming!

    With the ITZC’s behind you, hello world!
    All the best for smooth sailing … may all your winds be fair, and aft the beam!

    With great appreciation,
    Julie Spencer (St. Helena)

  6. Marianne McGriff says:

    Good morning, Cameron and ALL Your posts are the first email that I open each day…I have to admit that I’m vacillating between joy and anxiety…I’m learning SO much through your eyes…OK…I’m confessing my age a bit(in my 70th year!), I know the name, David Crosby, but not that song. So, it’s on my list to listen on YouTube…God Speed and Love to ALL, Marianne

  7. Marianne McGriff says:

    Thank you, Doug, for YouTube of “Southern Cross!” I made Carver listen to it!!! I LOVED it and will listen again tomorrow!!!

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