Day 16 Pacific Crossing

Day 16 Date: Saturday, April 28th, 2018 Time: 18:52 UTC Location: 02° 16.1′ S 130° 52.1’W COG: 230° T SOG: 5 knots 24 hour distance traveled: 133 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 693 nm
Well, an ocean passage wouldn’t be complete without some midnight arm wrestling with sails while a squall rages around you. I woke at about 8am (okay, not midnight, but it was still dark) to Banyan flexing in protest to the sails being torn at by the wind. Next I heard Cameron call for my help. The furling line that rolls up the genoa had pulled away from the furler right when Cameron had it furled in and the genoa rolled off the forestay and the sail went spinning out flapping furiously in the wind. With no way to furl it, we had to take the sail off. In pelting rain and darkness we dropped the genoa and lashed it down.
Sadly, the genoa has a HUGE tear in it, about 10 feet long along the foot of the sail. This is a bit beyond our sewing skills. We put out our staysail and got out our “yankee” sail which we put onto the furler. The Yankee should really be called a hanky because that is about how big it is. It does however give us a little push, especially when coupled with the staysail.
Cameron and I were bemoaning our lost speed with the injury to the genoa, but, in reality, we are cooking along this afternoon at 5 – 7 knots in the off and on squalls.
We are very very fortunate that our computer (the last of the three) is still working. We have a small leak somewhere and that water winds its way and drips out just over the Navigation station. It was never there before as far as we know but then again we’ve seen more rain in the last 5 days than Banyan had seen in years. When we were wresting the sail, the computer was sitting open and being dripped on. I’m pretty sure it is only working by the grace of God (and Cameron jumped into action with the heat gun). But if this should be the last post, know that we have a sat phone and SSB for getting weather data still, but will miss our emailing of friends and staying connected via the blog.
We are all in great spirits though and we hunker down inside Banyan when the rain is pelting. The girls have finally gotten their instruments out so today we had some practice which always lightens my heart.
This is SV Banyan clear.


  1. Jan Jopson says:

    We will trust that all is well, even if we don’t get your daily updates due to computers not being as seaworthy as all of the rest of you. Sorry to hear about the genoa… praying that you can keep an acceptable speed with the resources you have. Every blessing, Jan et al

  2. Richard Ednie says:

    I can sew up your genoa with one of two sewing awls that stictch like sewing machine. It would be temporary until you get to the sail maker. Stretch the 10 rip out, overlay the rip by 2 inches, take a few stitches every 1 foot which. Acts like a pin when using a sewing machine, this will keep your 2 inch overlay on a straight line.using the awl take a stitch every 1/8 inch and tie off at each one foot I inch.
    Start next 1foot section I inch back and repeat for each of the 10feet. I have sewn big rips in canvas tarps and waterproofed them successfully. Aloha and good sailing.

  3. Libbey McKendry says:

    Wow! I love your sense of humor at your challenging moments. The squalls must be something! Much Love! Oma sends love, too.

  4. Jennie Cunningham says:

    Prayers for clarity, wisdom and agreement on the best way to handle each challenge you are facing. Much love to you!

  5. Sandy says:

    Dick was sewing up Polo balls made of Pakistani goat bladders inside the goat skin while I was delivering baby Jed. He knows a lot about sewing. You have a space problem with your sail, and other weather elements to juggle while sewing. I’m glad there are alternative sails and it’s not a mast damage. I’m glad you are so resourceful in all ways and personalities. May God continue to guide and carry you all, all ways.

  6. Helen Keplinger says:

    Sending energy for less rain, a fast drying and forgiving (and working!!) computer, good spirit is and winds the rest of your crossing. Love these updates and that you are doing them!!! You all are amazing and so inspiring!!! Live life and chase those dreams!! Xox to you two and the girls!!

  7. Joanie Schumann says:

    April 29, 2018 5:11 on
    Joanie Schumann

    Hope you have safe sailing the rest of the way and computer and
    sails keep in working orders…prayers your way…

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