November in One Moment a Day

November rounded out our time on SV Banyan this year. We’ve gone from Mexico all the way to New Zealand on her this year and it feels like a wonderful blur. Our passage to New Zealand from Niue (via Tonga) was mercifully smooth but land is always a welcome sight. Also a welcome sight was our family and friends with whom we were able to spend Thanksgiving. Our adventures will continue on land for a bit as we keep traveling and behaving like proper nomads.


  1. Marianne McGriff says:

    Cameron, Anne, Adelaide, and Isa,
    Thank you for sharing a video from the last step of your journey to New Zealand. I can hardly wait to wrap my arms around all of you…love and Blessings, Marianne

  2. Barbara Vawter says:

    This video brings me great Joy as you’re home in California for Thanksgiving and Oma’s Birthday Party. Know your family and friends were sooo thankful and elated to see you. Wishing you Godspeed as you Journey on land. Thrilled to see you, Back Home Again in Indiana.

  3. Joanie Schumann says:

    Enjoy your holidays with family and friends, time on land.
    Can’t wait to read future blogs.
    What a life so interesting and
    never dull for sure.
    Safe travels.

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