August in One Moment a Day

August was busy with lots of fun stuff.  If you read our recent post, you know that we have met some great friends, worked, played, and have really been able to enjoy our time in paradise.




  1. Jane Middlekauff says:

    Very enjoyable! We’re you/your daughters swimming with manta rays? Was that a midget octopus on someone’s hand? Very interesting places you are visiting. Thank you for sharing.

    • Anne Vawter says:

      Hi Jane,
      We didn’t swim with the mantas, but we did have one doing looptyloops along side the boat one night when we had the spreader lights on in Fakarava. I saw one while snorkeling in Nuku Hiva. I wasn’t really ready for it and it freaked it out:). The rays we swam with in Moorea were the Tahitian Stingrays. All of us hopped in. I have a little video about it that I’m working on posting. I heard that the manta rays have been MIA in Bora Bora because of a tiger shark making the rounds the last few weeks. The thing the girls were holding in their hand was an echinoderm called a Brittle Star, a super cool kind of star fish. Crazy hu?

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