Day 2 – Pacific Crossing

Date: Friday, April 14th 2018 Time: 17:32 UTC Location: 18°02.1′ N, 108°42.8′ W COG 228°T SOG 6 Knots Distance to the Marquesas: 2,457 nm 24hr Distance covered: 145 nm
We have found lots of good wind. Banyan has been sailing along beautifully between 5 – 7 knots depending on the wind direction which has shifted more northerly. Cameron and I are getting into the groove of our night watches. I head to bed after dinner around 7pm. He wakes me after the SSB nets at about 11:30pm. I stand night watch till about 5:00am and then he takes over until I wake up at about 9-10am. We have breakfast together then he heads to bed for a nap. During the day we swap on and off more causally, depending on who is up. I managed to get Latin in today and journaling in yesterday. I’ve had push back on much of anything else. Other than that they just want to read or be read to. I think their tummies are still getting used to the motion in the ocean. We have some extra passengers! Some Brown Footed Boobies have been perching on our pulpit. While they are pooping in the decks, none of us have had the heart to shoo them away. Although we draw the line at the solar panels! Cameron had a job cleaning up after one spent the night up there. We talked to SV Luminesce again over SSB today and have heard tell of all of our other kid boat friends. We are all out here together! This is SV Banyan, signing off


  1. Barbara Vawter says:

    Thank you, thank you for your updates. Banyon and crew are amazing! Glad you have SV luminesce & other kid boats to keep you company!

  2. sandy ednie says:

    Those night watches sound lonely, and looooong. How do you stay awake and sane? How many days do you expect the crossing to take?
    The Marquesans were once cannibals, did you know?
    The Hawaiians went there to tell them about Jesus and One God. Amazing because the Hawaiians were so new to Christianity, and yet so eager to tell others. Raising the money and building a ship to go there was really difficult in the 1800’s. Yet they went, and succeeded in making many converts. Hope you meet many of them, and have a wonderful experience in Marqueses.

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