Day 1 – Pacific Crossing

Date: Friday, April 13th 2018 Time: 17:48 UTC Location: 19° 34.7′ N, 106° 51.9′ W COG 227° SOG 5.9 Knots Distance to the Marquesas: 2,614 nm 24hr Distance covered: 106 nm
On Wednesday we pulled away from the dock and had a nice afternoon sail up to Punta de Mita where we anchored for the night in preparation to depart on our Trans-Pacific crossing. Cameron did the SSB net and I cooked up some Yellow Fin Tuna which we had been given by our neighbor on SV Swept Away at the dock.
The next morning we watched our good friends on Luminesce up anchor and motor out, all of us waving our goodbyes. We had a few more things to tick off our lists while we had a cellular connection; Isa’s last FaceTime violin lesson, downloading some new music for the trip, downloading a few e-books for the girls, uploading some photos, sending some emails and calling the last of our family with whom we didn’t connect the night before (which didn’t get done because T Mobile shut our phones off licitly split). I also had SV Galactic’s fruitcake to make and a loaf of bread to throw in the oven. BUT! Once that was all done, it was time to go.
I have to say that it felt a bit surreal. We have been actively working toward this moment for over 8 years. We all circled round, said a little prayer and then got to work to get Banyan underway.
It is now almost the end of our first day underway. We have all escaped sea sickness thanks to our trusty “eat-the-Bonine-the-night-before” trick (and gracious seas). We had an awesome night of sailing, some with the spinnaker up and rocking 6 knots. We have had mellow, but consistent winds. The girls are working through our 50 oranges like it is a job and Cameron is constantly busy. I on the other hand spent some time yesterday feeling totally at a loss for what to do. There is no more provisioning to do, no more internet based work to be done, nowhere to go and (at that moment) nothing to do. I found myself wondering if I could start dinner at 4pm… too soon? It didn’t take me long to recall this feeling from when we crossed the Atlantic years ago. With the girls though, there is always something to do. I’ve started to put together our daily to-do list for school and chores and that will surely keep us busy.
The ocean is getting bluer out here. Adelaide is anxious to catch some fish and putting on a new lure. Isa is deep into a book and I just got off the SSB with the crew of Luminesce. Cameron is adjusting sails and course to keep us on track.
This is SV Banyan, signing off.
Sorry we will not be able to view or reply to comments but we look forward to seeing them when we arrive in the Marquesas.


  1. Sharon says:

    whohoooo!!! You’re doing it! We are so excited for you. Monica and Myka are curious to know how long the oranges will last. 🙂

  2. Deanie says:

    Lifting you up…and setting you to sail Be safe and can’t wait to hear from you on the other amazing side of the Pacific! ♡♡

  3. Barbara Vawter says:

    You’re off & your dream is becoming real! God is with you, Sail on! Our prayers and love are with you always.

  4. sandy ednie says:

    I have a big smile on my face. I feel just elated! Your adventure is one I envisioned in the mid 60’s. I was living on a tri-maran in the Ala Wai Boat Harbor, Honolulu with my college roommate and her boy friend. We bicycled to the U of Hawaii for classes, surfed in the afternoon, hung out at sunset, and conjured up our trip to Tahiti,…or the Marquesas, or Fiji….Marquesas were closest, probably go there first.
    Its not that it never happened. Other adventures, called Life, just took precedence. We sailed throughout the Hawaiian Islands,
    flew to Fiji and then boated offshore. We had babies, built houses, boosted our 4 children into independence.
    Now I glean with pleasure the travels of this generation, and wish them God Speed, remembering always that the journey is not in a destination so much as the joy of learning along the way.
    We love you, Anne and Cameron! Sandy and Dick Ednie

  5. Libbey McKendry says:

    I can picture the girls eating oranges. Our love and prayers go with you! Your posts are so important to us. Thank you for keeping them coming!

  6. The Bernhardts says:

    Safe crossing! God is with you. Tell Adelaide to catch some big ones, and Isa to create a new song for us. Love you all.

  7. Toya says:

    Hola Cameron, Anitta, Isa and Adelaide have a great trip hermosa familia,” LOS SUENOS SE HACEN REALIDAD” Hay que vivir siempre de suenos y ser feliz. Vayan con Dios. Saludos desde Acambaro, Guanajuato, Mexico., Big Xoxos! Los quiero mucho mucho

  8. Karen says:

    Sending prayers for a smooth passage and lots and lots of love! We’ll miss being able to check in with you but being truly off the grid is a rare and wonderful experience in itself! Enjoy!
    Much love

  9. Elizabeth says:

    So excited for you! Look forward to reading your posts! Safe sailing and enjoy this amazing moment! What a great adventure!

  10. Joanie Schumann says:

    Safe sailing, enjoy the adventure, hope you have calm seas….
    Hope you plan to write a book of your adventures…

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