Day 20 Pacific Crossing

Date: Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 Time: 21:53 UTC Location: 07° 38.1′ S 136° 29.6′ W COG: 225° T SOG: 4.5 knots 24 hour distance traveled: 122 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 204 nm
Cameron here again. Today is a day of changes, we’ve finally decided to change the clocks, we’ve changed our destination port to Hiva Oa vs. Nuku Hiva, Annie and Cameron had their first cups of tea since lent began, last night the wind changed (it died), and we all changed sides a lot last night while asleep because we were rolling from toe rail to toe rail (not fun).
I awoke from my post watch slumber this morning to Adelaide screaming “fish on”. Unfortunately he ripped the hook right off our homemade lure and it was attached with 100 lb wire leader. I’m thinking we didn’t want him anyway. We still have the lure and we just need to add another second hook. This leader is an old rusty jig head that Adelaide had in her tackle box, we added a second hook at 90 degrees per “The Cruisers Handbook of Fishing” and then we dolled it up by whipping on an old chip bag (silver on one side and blue on the other) cut into streamers as a skirt, it’s received a number of hits and landed one Skipjack.
After this excitement, Annie and I had our morning catch up in the cockpit over a cup of tea. After the usual discussion of how wonderful our respective in-laws are and how amazing our kids are we moved on to the concept of time. I was a little tired of the sun coming up after 9:30am, so we’ve officially switched to Marquesas time and the sun will now rise at 05:50 and set at 17:35. We have also finally found the time to research a little more on the Marquesas. We’ve decided to make landfall in Atuona, Hiva Oa, it’s a little further upwind in the Marquesas and will allow us to better access Fatu Hiva (supposedly one of the gems of the Marquesas and the only island without an airstrip). It will then give us a nice down wind run as we explore the rest of the Marquesas.
The only benefit of the wind dying last night and now being very light is that even with our spinnaker up, we’re still going slow enough (under 6 knots) to make water. We’re actually moving nicely at 4.5 knots in about 7 knots of breeze, that is very good for a fully loaded 40,000 lb cruising sailboat. Fingers crossed we can arrive in Hiva Oa Friday morning with tanks that are nearly topped up.
Banyan out!


  1. Deborah Darrin says:

    So excited for your upcoming landfall! Atuona good choice. You will love Fatu Hiva!

    Great sailing time you have made!

    Thanks for sharing with us. I’m lovin it all!

  2. Jeff van Loben Sels says:

    Hi guys,
    We bought a world map last weekend and have it up on the wall and are tracking your progress (Thanks for the daily coordinates reading!). Glad things are going well and good luck with making land on Friday.

  3. Michele Herald says:

    Hi Cameron & Anne…
    I’m not sure if u can see messages, you must be on night watch now…
    5000 feet deep ocean…that’s just crazy!!
    I’m enjoying hearing about your progress…hang in there, the South Pacific islands are worth it!! Very different culturally than Mexico & the Caribbean where u have been. Yes, food is expensive as much of it is imported, but no one is chasing your money or wanting tips. French Polynesia is stunning, Fijians have got to be Friendliest… Make sure u visit the Yasawa islands – my favourite, with great snokelling & diving. Between May & Oct can swim with manterays is on my bucket list.
    Safe travels!!
    Michele xx

  4. Sharon Suhr says:

    Those darn chip bags! That must have been a nice cup of tea….

    And, “THANKS” from Monica. 🙂

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