Day 21 Pacific Crossing

Day 21 Date: Thursday, May 3rd 2018 Time: 21:30 UTC Location: 08° 53.3′ S 137° 52.9 W COG: 225° T SOG: 4 knots 24 hour distance traveled: 112 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 109 nm
SOOOO CLOSE! It has been a day full of little wind punctuated by a few good squalls. This has had us on our toes trying to be ready to take the spinnaker down and our main sail back up before a blow starts so we can protect our spinnaker from the same fate as the genoa, and so we can get as much mileage out of the squalls as possible.
While we are all ready to make landfall, we have had some lovely times. Just today Cameron and I were sitting again in the cockpit while the girls worked away at their school work. The beautiful spinnaker was up snapping in the light breeze and Cameron and I discussed the day, our progress and anticipated arrival. We went over the news of the nights email influx and I felt distinctly blessed to have this precious time with my family outside of the hubbub of the rat race.
So, all that remains is for us to get through these last 109 miles! It may take some cunning sailing as the winds are being fickle. The girls are listening to a book on tape right now. I’m about to start making dinner; Salmon, pesto (made with olive oil, Dad!) and mashed potatoes. Cameron is up on deck, getting soaked and dealing with the current squall.
Incidentally, he just gave out a great groan. We have been struggling with one of the cars for the main sail track (thing that holds the sail to the mast). The track for the cars has popped out a bit from the mast at one place and when the car with one particular batten (thing that adds structure to the sail, a long horizontal rod) goes by that part of the track, it pops out of the track. Cameron and I have put this car back in about 10 times which requires taking all the lower cars out and then putting them all back. An awkward job but fairly easy. It has happened again…
Add it to the list of things to be repaired once on land. We are SO fortunate though, that we have not had anything major break (still knocking wood). One of our friends near us lost their refrigerator fairly early on… not fun… and another friend lost their auto pilot, having to hand steer the last 4 or 5 days… really not fun, a boat to our east still has 1000 miles to go and just broke a shroud (mast support) limiting their progress. So a torn genoa that can be stitched and a sail track that needs resetting (a job we have already done once a few years ago) seems fair to us. Well, we are all praying for some good winds tonight to keep us on the move. Tomorrow we’ll have to find our shoes……
This is Banyan, clear.


  1. Bob & Valerie says:

    Having lived each of the last 21 days eagerly awaiting news of your progress and praying mightily for your safety we could not be more excited for your landfall if we were sailing along with you in person!!!
    Much Love
    Bob & Valerie

  2. Deanie Gotch says:

    Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. T.S. ELIOT

    I’m with your journey everyday!! So great ♡♡

  3. Richard Ednie says:

    Sailboats are made to be constantly repaired. We all learn that and anticipate what is going to break next. Congratulations on your crossing. I have grown out of boats but find horses are as much work.

  4. Becky Baker says:

    Oh we are so excited for you guys to arrive on land!! Ross and I read each post with anticipation and can’t believe you’re almost there! Sending our love and continued prayers!

  5. Lori Volk says:

    Great to hear the progress! 🙂 Was missing the post last night – Not sure if we will make that crossing some day, but I remember when my Dad was solo circumnavigating he did that same route, a 30 day treacherous crossing with a broken stay in one of the storms he encountered – so happy you have made such great time!

  6. Sue Fish says:

    Hi to all of the Vawters! We also have been sharing your adventure along the way and think you are brave, creative, and many other good things as you have this experience of a lifetime! You have been in our prayers too and we are excited for you to be about there. Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us. We love your blogs and photos! Love, the other Fishes, Sue & Ed

  7. JAMES 'NICK' VAWTER says:

    It’s the challenges and meeting them that positive memories are made of. Your postings are the brightest lights of my days. Best wishes and GOD BLESS!!!

  8. Betsey & John Tryon says:

    We also are following you each day. We continue to pray for your safe passage on an extraordinary journey. Also can’t wait to hear who smells those glorious tropics (Betsey knows so well from her childhood) and yells Land Ho!!!! first. Love and hugs to all. B & J

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