Day 4 Pacific Crossing

Date: Monday April 16th, 2018 Time: 18:23 UTC Location: 15° 43.3’N 111° 52.3′ W COG: 225° T SOG: 6.0 knots Distance to the Marquesas: 2,241 nm
We are sailing along with the main and the genoa up on a broad reach about 10 days from hitting the equator. The girls are playing with their clay characters that they have created and Cameron is tidying up the boat getting her shipshape after our sail changes.
Last night we had the spinnaker up all night into the late morning. That kept us at great speeds and a very easy motion tugging us along. Everyone is getting great sleep thankfully. During my night watch last night, I had some lightning shows! I anxiously watched the sky light up far to the south now and again and was happy to let our course slip to the north a bit. The days are getting warmer and we are all getting a little riper. With the shower stall full of food stores, we will have to do our bathing in the cockpit today. We have been making a bit of water each day with our water maker which has been topping up or tanks, keeping us at a total of 200 gallons. It feels a bit luxurious to have all this great water! Food stores are doing well. I flip our 150 eggs every second day and go through and inspect all produce daily. We have the dilemma of trying to eat through our produce before it goes bad and also begin to eat into our freezer which we would like to turn off as soon as possible to save on power. Add to that, our bodies are all telling us to eat a bit light; we haven’t been famished and in reality aren’t going through that much food at all. One thing is certain, we will not starve!
This is SV Banyan, signing off.


  1. Joanie Schumann says:

    April 16,2018. 9 pm
    See many fish. I can’t imagine this fantastic journey..We have always been power boaters..your voyage is amazing..what stories the girls will grow up with.
    Safe sailing,

  2. Helen says:

    What a dream!!!! Thinking about you guys and sending tons of love, adventure vibes, and warm tropical wishes. Sounds like heaven!!! xoxo

  3. Janis and Fred Blue says:

    What an exciting time for you all. May the wind and sun treat you as you wish and bless you daily. Meanwhile here in IN old man winter just will not go away, spitting snow and blowing cold air. But we are far better off than our northern neighbor states who have gotten about a foot of snow. Hi to the girls! Love A Janis and U Fred

  4. Libbey says:

    It is fun to hear the details of your day. I can picture the lightning off in the distance and can understand your feeling of being a bit nervous. Love you!

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