Day 9 Pacific Crossing

Day 9 Date: Saturday, April 21st, 2018 Time: 17:00 UTC Location: 08° 39’N 119° 16′ W COG: 225° T SOG: 6.0 knots 24 hour distance traveled: 150 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 1638 nm
Hi Guys, I’m back on the horse! It is helpful when she is moving along at a good rate of speed. After my bonine induced sleep the night before last I was groggy yesterday, but I got my appetite back and was much happier when we started screaming along at 8 knots in seas that had calmed a bit. We still have some big uncomfortable rolls which can send an unsuspecting crew member flying across the cabin sole, but the cost benefit ratio is a happier number with the increased distance traveled.
We caught a big eyed tuna yesterday! Once again it was the Bernhardt reel and the Duval pink feather. It was the perfect size for the family. We filleted it and seared it with salt and pepper and accompanied it with rice/quinoa and broccoli. Of course it happened RIGHT when Adelaide was taking her shower in the cockpit. She demands COMPLETE privacy so we were all down below and she was just soaping up when we heard the line get hit. Adelaide, being our most aggressive fisherwoman was quick to get covered up so we could all pour into the cockpit and perform the ballet of reeling in a fish. Cameron and one of the girls – head to the reel to feel for the fish, set the hook and reel it in. Mom – Slows the boat by bringing her up into the wind and brings in the sails. Other girl – screams excitedly and gets any tools or does any jobs requested of her. That is pretty much it. We should be in the ITCZ by tomorrow according to the GRIB files we are looking at. It looks like we might have a good little breath of wind to push us along in the ITCZ but we will see when we get there! This is SV Banyan, signing off


  1. Doug Vawter says:

    Exciting times for all! Yea, a second fish. We all love your blogs and the running dialogue regarding your adventures. 150 nm day is pretty impressive. Love to all!

  2. Mary Maher says:

    Hello! Just caught up on the last few days. Love hearing about your days (and nights). Always different. Hope all goes well down by the equator. Thanks so much for these updates. Enjoy hearing from you both!

  3. Jane Middlekauff says:

    Tuna dinner sounds wonderful. Glad your waves have calmed. Good sailing!
    Here in central Indiana we are finally experiencing spring-like conditions after a very late start.

  4. Sharon Suhr says:

    So exciting and what wonderful family teamwork with that tuna! We enjoy the details on the girls and how they are involved.

  5. Barbara Vawter says:

    Annie, loved your description of family, reeling in the big eyed tuna. Would have loved being on the Banyon to see that, except for the Big Swells! Praying for a good breath of wind to push you along in the ITZC! Tomorrow an exciting day, loving your updates!

  6. Tom says:

    And of course I am so far from my Navy days, I had to look up ITCZ…”Inter Tropical Convergence Zone”….they threw the term around when we went to the Galapagos, but now I know! Happy Sails!

  7. Marianne McGriff says:

    Anne and Cameron, Splendid description of reeling in tuna…felt like I was there with abated breath…GO Adelaide and Isa…love the adventure and most of all, LOVE you guys

  8. Sally Aaron says:

    150 nm how great!!! Thinking of you all often. Just had a glass of red while catching up on your trip! Positive thoughts your way!

  9. The Bernhardts says:

    That’s sweet. Go team Vawter! AJ got to fish in our beautiful 70 degree spring day today, but certainly didn’t bring home any big eyed tunas! So glad you’re getting use of the reel. God speed!

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