LAND HO! Day 22 Pacific Passage


Date: Friday, May 4th 2018 Time: 21:32 UTC Location: 09° 48.4′ S 139° 01.9 W Anchor down, Atuona bay 24 hour distance traveled: 109 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 0 nm

We have arrived! Now your inboxes can take a break from our incessant posts: It’s time for us to explore the islands.
Last night at about 2am I saw just this hazy, slightly more grey splotch on the horizon. With the binoculars at about 15 miles out I could just make out a slight grey line silhouette coming down to the water that looked distinctly like land. I whispered “Land Ho!” and went back to looking at the radar, comparing Open CPN on the computer to Navionics on the Ipad and the Raymarine Chart plotter to make sure they all agreed that the land was in fact where we thought it should be.
Cameron and I were contemplating how most of you probably worry about us when we are far from land. But, we worry about us when we get close to land. The land is the most likely thing to sink a boat. Our attention was appropriately heightened to keep us on track while we took showers, put up our Q and Courtesy flags and ran our engine a bit to top up the batteries on our way into the very very tiny and very very full anchorage near Atuona.

We didn’t smell the land like many people had said but when we saw it, boy, it is a joyous feeling! This island, Hiva Oa, is one of the more challenging places to get to in the world. Very few people visit who are not on a boat. SV Baloo’s crew was on deck to welcome us and we are anchored down right next to our good friends! Well, we are off to explore! I hope our daily ships log was interesting and fun for all of you to follow during our passage. We will be taking a short break now but I will very soon find a way to upload some photos and I have two “One Second a Day” videos that are waiting to be posted. I have a few technological hurdles with my computer still unresponsive so wish me luck! Thanks so much for everyone’s prayers! We could feel them all and we feel very blessed to have all of you in our lives. THIS IS THE SAILING VESSEL BANYAN, WDH7907 (our ship station license number), this frequency is now clear!!!


  1. Jeff van Loben Sels says:

    Congrats. Glad you made it! I’m sure there’s a local Apple Store you can take your computer to…

  2. Gemma says:

    We are new to your blog – and so very excited for your families adventure.
    We are doing something similar to you. A family of four setting sail from the Hamble, UK on 22nd July and aiming for the East coast of Australia, via Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Reading your current crossing has given us a real sense of understanding of what it may be like. Thank you and happy exploring.

  3. Marie-Laure says:

    Congratulations , really enjoyed reading your posts along the way. We were in the Cook Islands last easter really enjoyed it and thought of you.
    Enjoy your time in the Isles Marquises , thinking of you and your family XO . The Ammons

  4. karen cakebread says:

    So happy for you guys! I loved following your adventure via posts. I hope you can find your land legs now. Enjoy the islands. Congratulations.

  5. Jennie Cunningham says:

    Praise God for your safe travel and landing!!! So excited for you all! Enjoy your exploring!

  6. Richard Ednie says:

    Congratulations. How important were your daily posts other than being very enjoyable. Location, location location. You had lots of followers who knew exactly where you were the day before if you got in trouble. Not a bad plan. Enjoy your visit. Look forward to your future sailing. This is Hawaii Island signing off as the lava is flowing and the earth is shaking. We are off the Spain and Morocco.

  7. Erin, AJ, Anna, Morgan says:

    Yay!! Let your sea legs get used to the land again. You made amazing time and the daily posts were inspiring. God bless your next chapter!

  8. Marianne McGriff says:

    Félicitations!!! C‘est formidable!!!!! Je suis très content que vous arrivez aux Marquesas! Je vous embrasse très fort, Marianne

  9. Chris Hagel says:

    Loved hearing your guys posts daily across the ocean. Looking forward to and I love the video clips you guys take and make into a video. Awesome. Blessings on your journey.

  10. Barbara Harkema says:

    wow! What an achievement. Impressive! I will miss your daily posts, it became part of my morning routine but glad you made it safe! Enjoy exploring the islands.

  11. John Benson says:

    Great news, congrats to the whole team. Fun, inspiring and impressive to follow your journey. Doug and Barb are very happy too!

  12. Rob vLS says:

    Yay, congrats!! It’s been fun vicariously living through you and your adventures. Looking forward to more updates!

  13. Julie Spencer says:

    Wahoo, congrats, and thanks for your newsy posts! Been a joy following along on your 22 day passage. Hellooo new county and new adventures … enjoy!!

  14. Jonnie Dale Lieberman says:

    Yippee. My friend Jacob may be there. A Young man, you will find him and his friend playing jusic on the beach. He spent some time in La Cruz, similar timing to you. And sv Lungta, a 78′ ketch, my friends Kathy and Dan, you will like them heaps. Enjoy.

  15. Bill Tolbert says:

    Congratulations and well done! I love your daily reports. It is the first thing I read each day. So many of us are living vicariously through you all. We admire the way you face the daily challenges of such an adventure. We imagine life on board with the constraints of the boat and the expanse of the ocean. I think about your daughters and how such a unique growing up experience will shape their perspectives and views of the world as adults. You all are much loved and deeply admired by many…especially me. Bill Tolbert

  16. Barbara Vawter says:

    Tears of JOY for each of you, an amazing journey well planned and accomplished! We so appreciate your daily blogs, great updates. Congratulations , enjoy exploring the island! Well Done! ♥️

  17. Ruth Esther Vawter says:

    Praise God for your safe arrival. Enjoy this exciting island with friends and the new friends you will make. To God be the glory and honor for your adventures around the world. So excited to enjoy your activities from my computer. Hugs. Love you.

  18. Libbey says:

    Thank you for your daily blogs. They helped us know you were safe and experience your challenges. I’m having withdrawal symptoms! We will miss our daily connection. Love you all

  19. S/V Free Spirit says:

    Congratulations! 22 days! Awesome! I still think about the morning we watched you guys leave Punta Mita at the start of your crossing. So, so, so happy for you guys!! Hope we catch up with you next year.
    Kristi, Jon & Dylan

  20. Janis and Fred Blue says:

    Yea, lose your sea legs and find out many adventures on this island. Enjoyed sailing with you…til later—Love A Janis and U Fred

  21. Joanie Schumann says:

    May 6, 2018
    Joanie Schumann
    Congrats on your arrival safe and sound. Can’t tell you how much I
    have enjoyed your blog. What an
    adventure most of us can only
    dream of. To be continued.

  22. Janice Keats says:

    yipee. So glad you made it safe and sound. Enjoy your exploring. looking forward to your next posts.
    The Keats

  23. Gary S says:

    NICE, Annie!!! Congratulations!! Great to follow along with you. Yea, that land will get ya if you hit it, much safer at sea 🙂 but it’s always nice to be there. Hugs to you , Cam and the girls. Aloha

  24. Scott Getber says:

    Ann It’s Scott Gerber – Martin Scott Wines! We’re back representing Oaradigm and I recently purchased a used Beneteau 423!! Ren forwarded me your info. I’m jealous and more than excited for you!! Sail safely – scott

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