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Sailing Tahuata and Nuku Hiva

Greetings from the Anaho Bay on the north side of Nuku Hiva. Recent Track: Banderas Bay, MX to Atuona, Huva Oa, French Polynesia to the Bay of Virgins, Fatu Hiva to Hanatefau Bay (village of Hapatoni), Tahuata to Anaho bay, Nuku Hiva to Taiohae, Nuku Hiva. If you think those names have a lot of …

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Sailing Hiva Oa and Fatu Hiva

Cameron here. Initially the plan was a five year circumnavigation; I’ve realized we might make it around the world in four years now that Annie had the opportunity to go racing on SV Carmana during the Banderas bay Regatta. Ever since that time, if there’s a boat nearby then the race is on. Annie disconnected …

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LAND HO! Day 22 Pacific Passage

Date: Friday, May 4th 2018 Time: 21:32 UTC Location: 09° 48.4′ S 139° 01.9 W Anchor down, Atuona bay 24 hour distance traveled: 109 nm Distance to the Marquesas: 0 nm We have arrived! Now your inboxes can take a break from our incessant posts: It’s time for us to explore the islands. Last night …

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